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Home Learning

Home learning is a great oppportunity you to take responsibility for your own learning and continue your education.  Remember if you have something you particularly struggle with, such as times tables, handwriting, spelling (or anything else), this is a great opportunity to spend some extra time practising it.  Work does not need to be printed. You can read the sheets or activities and write the answers in your exercise books.

What you should be doing each day

30 minutes

Free Reading (reading any book of your choice)

30 minutes

Physical Activity (this can be any activity of your choice)

15 minutes

Spelling Practice

1 hour

English Activities Set

1 hour

Maths Activities Set (including My Maths)

15 minutes

TT Rock Stars

1 hour


(each week this will include 2 creative activities, 1 humanities lesson and one R.E. lesson)

Please check each weeks tab to find the actitivities you should be doing.


Feedback and marking:

You will be asked to email in a specific piece of work each week and will be given feedback on this work. Some online activities, such as TT Rockstars, give you immediate feedback. We will also try to give you the answers as much as possible so you can mark your own work and evaluate how well you have done. We will also ask for work to presented at the weekly zoom calls so both the teachers and adults can give you feedback.



Each family should receive one phone call a week from a member of the year group team. We will schedule two 40 minutes zooms per class for the week. This will be an opportunity to ask questions, share your work, get feedback and discuss ideas with your classmates. There is also the year group email if you have any questions (