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Inspections and Statutory Information

Reviewing and evaluating our practice is a really important way for us to provide a great education and experience for the children in our care. Sometimes a review will lead us to change something in order to provide better for the children; sometime a review confirms that what we were doing needs to continue. There are also times when things need to change because legislation has changed.

Most of our reviews are carried out internally. That means that the teachers and the senior leadership team take an aspect of the school and 'put it under the microscope' in order to see what is working well and what can be improved. Often, we bring in an outside agency to help give an impartial view.

In addition to our own school improvement methods, we have a diocesan advisor and a local authority advisor. Both of them visit termly and make judgements and suggestions as to what we should improve.

Every four years or so, the school undergoes a more formal inspection (OFSTED*) and judgements are made about the school's progress so far.

Every five years or so, the school undergoes another inspection (SIAMS**). This inspection looks at the distinctive characteristics and 'value-added' of the school as a church school. 

*Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills

** Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools