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Inter-generational Links

For almost twenty years now, our children have had the benefit of older volunteers in the classroom.
It started back in 2001 with Mrs Hicks, a retired widow who wrote to ask if we needed any help hearing children read. She stayed with us for over ten fantastic years. When we  saw the extra dimension she brought to the children's experience we realised that this was something we needed more of.  We recruited a  veritable army of grandparents and local senior citizens.  For a while, AGE UK had funding to develop Inter-generational projects and we worked with them to develop a training project where older volunteers learned how to read with children, basic phonics, maths and Child Protection procedures. Unfortunately, funding for AGE UK was stopped but the project left us with a well established system of recruiting and training volunteers.
We are so grateful to each and every one of the older folk who are so much part of our family.