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Learning at home

Theme Week: Equality, Equity and Fairness posters (see powerpoint)

Maths - Monday: Arithmetic paper attached below

              Tuesday: Penguin Prison investigation (Mr Brown's group) attached below

                               Common Multiples  (see powerpoint slides 7-11 and student tasks)

              Wednesday: Investigations (Mr Brown's group) attached below

                                     Prime Numbers (see powerpoint slides 13-17 and activity)

               Thursday    Investigations - continued from Wednesday (Mr Brown's group) 

                                    Square numbers and cube numbers (see powerpoint slides 18-22)

Topic - Pre-War Jewish life (Powerpoint attached)

Reading - Texts can be found attached below. Questions are online at: (Rosa Parks) (Claudette Colvin) (Caged Bird)

Science: Light powerpoint slides 11-15 then assessment

Writing: The Clocktower