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At St Michael's Primary School, our primary intent in history lessons is to instil a deep understanding of the past, foster an appreciation of our rich cultural heritage, and develop critical thinking skills in young learners. We aim to cultivate a sense of identity and belonging, while promoting respect for diversity and an understanding of the world's historical events and their impact on society. As with geography, our school collaborates with HEP to ensure a high-quality history curriculum. History is integrated with other subjects, such as English, Geography, and Art, to provide a holistic understanding of historical events and their broader context.

Key Areas of Study:

  1. Local History: Students discover the history of their local area, investigating its development, notable figures, and landmarks.

  2. British History: Pupils explore key periods of British history, including the Stone Age, Roman Britain, the Viking and Anglo-Saxon era and World War One.

  3. World History: The curriculum also introduces students to significant global historical events, such as ancient civilisations, the Age of Exploration, and the impact of British colonialism.

Skills Development:

  1. Critical Thinking: Through the examination of primary and secondary sources, students learn to question, analyse, and draw conclusions from historical evidence.

  2. Chronological Understanding: Pupils develop a sense of time and sequence, ordering events and understanding historical timelines.

  3. Historical Interpretation: They explore different perspectives on historical events and learn to form reasoned opinions based on evidence.

  4. Research Skills: Students are encouraged to conduct independent research, fostering a curiosity for history.

We aim to foster a lifelong love of history, equip students with essential historical skills, and instil a sense of pride in our shared heritage.