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Make a Difference to Our School

Do you want to make a difference?
There are lots of ways in which you can be involved in making St. Michael's even better!

School Council

You could stand as the Class Representative for your class. To do this, you need to be known as an honest and fair person. You may need to put someone else's opinion forward even if you don't really want it for yourself. School Council members are preparing a description of the job. Come back to this page to find out more in a week or so.


If the grown ups aren't running a club that you want ... why not run it yourself? Children are just as capable of organising things as adults are!

Plan and Organise a special event


Be part of a Public Consultation Group

Miss Matthews is looking for children to talk about maths. Maybe  you would like to come along and share your thoughts, your experiences and your ideas!

Keep checking this space to find out when and where the next one will be.


Help to chose new teachers and teaching assistants

When new teachers come for interview, they always teach a lesson to one of our classes. Most of you will remember this happening in the past. When this happens,  we ask the children their opinions of the teacher, the lesson, the way things are explained and the activities. These opinions are very important and always play a big part in the decisions that are made.