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At St Michaels's Primary School, our intent for geography is to instil a deep understanding and appreciation of the world, its people, and the environment. Through a well-rounded education, students will develop essential geographical knowledge and skills, fostering a lifelong curiosity about the planet. 

The curriculum is aligned with the National Curriculum for Geography in England, providing clear guidelines and objectives for each key stage. As with Science and History, our school collaborates with HEP, a local educational support network, to access resources, expertise, and professional development opportunities.

Our Curriculum Focus Areas: Throughout their time at St Michael's, children will delve into several key areas: including location, place, human and physical geography, environmental sustainability, and geographical skills. This will be implemented through a combination of:


  • Fieldwork: Practical experience through fieldwork is encouraged at all stages, helping students observe and investigate their local area and beyond, fostering a sense of place and understanding of physical and human processes.

  • Global Perspective: The curriculum promotes a global perspective, teaching students about different cultures, traditions, and societies worldwide, enhancing their cultural awareness and empathy.

  • Maps and Geospatial Skills: Pupils will develop map-reading and geospatial skills, understanding scale, symbols, and grid references.

  • Sustainability: Environmental sustainability is a central theme, teaching students about the importance of caring for our planet and the consequences of human actions.

We are committed to equipping young learners with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the world around them, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the global community.