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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

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Maths language and approaches in the EYFS

Children in Reception are used to using part/whole models to add numbers, seen in the video below. 

There are also resources available in the attachments. 

We also use Numicon at school to aid number work. 

Numicon guide for parents | Oxford Owl

There are printable versions below, and many resources are available free to parents at the moment on Twinkl. 

Over the next few weeks, at school, we were due to be looking at 2D shapes, 3D shape and pattern, so anything that you can access around this subject would be great!

There are lots of videos on 2D shape, and they are good, but we will avoid adding any here, as mathematical vocabulary has changed slightly to call what we may have termed a rectangle in the past, an oblong. I have added a PowerPoint below though. 

The number formation PowerPoint we use is in the attachments below if it's helpful! 


Don't forget, if you need more/different  ideas, we have dedicated sections on our pinterest pages.

  1. Number Formation Rhymes
  2. t-m-31042-part-whole-number-bonds-to-10-activity-sheet_ver_3 (1)
  3. t-n-2546545-number-shape-cutouts-english_ver_2
  4. Number Shapes Rocket Matching Activity
  5. t-n-2546524-number-shape-addition-to-10-activity-sheet-english_ver_3
  6. t-m-3825-part-whole-number-shape-powerpoint_ver_3
  7. T-N-926-2D-Shape-Properties-Powerpoint_ver_3
  8. T-N-5125-Two-Colour-Repeating-Pattern-Snake-Fingerprint-Activity-Sheet
  9. t-n-2544708-eyfs-beginning-to-use-mathematical-names-for-2d-shapes-home-learning-challenge-sheet
  10. Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20
  11. Finds One More or One Less Than
  12. Solving Problems - Doubling
  13. Solving Problems - Halving
  14. Solving Problems - Sharing
  15. Using Quantities and Objects They Add Two Single-Digit Numbers
  16. Using Quantities and Objects They Subtract Two Single-Digit Numbers