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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

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Memories Project

Year 6 Memories Project


Have a look at these videos!

Hi Year 6,

We are truly missing you all, this is the strangest Year 6 year ever!

Therefore, we have to find new ways to make memories which we can share with one another.  Over the next 2-3 weeks we would like you to create memories - these could be from your time in reception, your trip to France in Year 5 or your time in lockdown with your family.  You could even share memories from your recent sleepover, the choice is entirely up to you.

How do we want you to share these memories?

  • Write a poem
  • Perform a rap
  • Through contemporary dance
  • A collage or poster
  • A song you have written or a song you have changed the words to
  • Recreate a memory using teddies or family members
  • Sketch/performance
  • In a way we haven’t even thought of



The Year 6 teachers are incredibly excited to see what you will come up with.


The most important part is to have fun and hopefully we will be all together again soon.


Take care Year 6 and Stay Safe!