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At St Michael's Primary School, our primary intent is to provide a comprehensive and enriching musical education that nurtures students' creativity, musicality, and understanding of the cultural and historical significance of music. The overarching goal is to instil a lifelong appreciation for music while offering students opportunities to explore, create, and perform.

1. Musical Fundamentals:

  • Students will learn foundational musical concepts, including rhythm, melody, and basic notation, which will be expanded upon over the years.

2. Instrumental Learning:

  • In Key Stage 2, students will explore various musical instruments (e.g. clarinet / saxophone) to develop their musical skills.

3. Creative Expression:

  • Students will compose, improvise, and arrange music individually and in groups to nurture their creative potential.

4. Cultural and Historical Context:

  • Students will be introduced to the historical and cultural aspects of music, connecting their learning to broader contexts and traditions.

5. Performance Opportunities:

  • Students will participate in performances and musical events throughout the school year, building confidence and stage presence.

6. Cross-curricular links:

  • Modern technology will enhance music learning, including digital tools for composing, recording, and analysis. Music will also link to dances studied in PE lessons (e.g. The Nutcracker).

7. Listening and Appreciation:

  • Students will explore diverse musical genres and develop the ability to appreciate the nuances of different styles, including classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary music.