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Online Safety during Home Learning

There is a wealth of support for both online safety and e-safety in both the main Children's Zone and Parent's area of our website, but there are obviously other concerns when we are more reliant on technology at home during restriction or 'lockdown'. 

Our School uses our website, Zoom, Google Classroom and via that, Google Meets.  

Our Zoom calls are secured by meeting ID and password, Meeting links are only provided via email to increase privacy and security. School policy is to ensure that people accessing school zooms have their child's name clearly displayed as their username or they will not be able to join in. 

Those children using Google Classroom have access via a unique username and password. Google meets through this service are protected by this. 

By far, as always, the best way to keep safe online for anyone is open communication with your family, and make sure that your child is confident in the knowledge that they can tell you if there is anything they are concerned about.  We are here to help, too and if there are any problems, please contact your year group team. 

Below are some links to resources for further information.

This article deals with mental health support also.