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PE and Sport Premium Funding

The dedicated PE and Sport Premium grant has been used to fund several different projects over the last few of years including the support for swimming programmes in years 2 and 3, replacing our Trim Trail and will hopefully be used in the near future to install an Outdoor Gym Area (for use by children from Y1 – Y6, parents, carers, grandparents and staff!)

For a number of years we have also used the Funding to provide healthy living and lifestyle workshops and fitness sessions by A-Life ( during Themed Weeks. 

 Our Themed Weeks (eg “Healthy Me” last held in February 2018) focus on physical and mental well-being and are a great chance for children to learn the importance of exercise, healthy diets, sleep, water, dangers of smoking and also be aware of their sugar and salt intake. Workshops on the dangers of alcohol were also provided for Years 5 and 6. Children complete an online physical activity diary as part of A-Life’s programme aimed at identifying elements of their lifestyle that may need to become more healthy.

We are planning for A-Life to return in the Summer  to provide more fitness sessions, advice on how to look after and improve their mental health and healthy living workshops for children and staff. Look out for photos from A-Life’s previous visits to get an idea of what they provide!

Mr Floyd, Mr Hirani, Mrs Goddard and Mrs Jones

(Healthy School Curriculum Team)