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PE and Staying Healthy

What can we do at home to stay fit and healthy, both in body and mind?

In the house you could  try out some Just Dance routines and others on You Tube,


- count in a different language or practice your times tables as you climb gradually more and more stairs (eg 1, then 1 & 2, then 1, 2 & 3 etc)

In the garden you could: 

- set up an obstacle course against your parents, brothers and sisters (maybe you could try a blind assault course and one person has to lead the other!)

- run a circuit training session (press ups, sit ups, step ups, burpees, lunges, weight lifting with baked beans, tuck jumps, skipping)

- design and perfect a gymnastic sequence (eg forward roll, straddle stand, back support, front support, bunny jump, straight stand)

- practice throwing different objects with different weights  (eg tennis ball, football, foam ball) across different distances – or aim for a target like inside a trompoline (but not over a fence )

- start a Fitness Diary recording your: activities, minutes of exercise, steps taken and flights of stairs climbed (if you can) – maybe record your heart rate when completing different tasks too!

At the park you could go for a run, mixing up running with skipping, side-stepping and jogging or cycle as a family member runs alongside you – push them to quicker up hill!

To relieve any boredom, at quieter times try some mindfulness ‘take your pencil or a walk’ across the page; draw your favourite place to go on holiday; try sketching part of your favourite story; create a story character, and draw them experiment with different art materials (eg pencil, charcoal, pastel and different types of paint: watercolour, oil, acrylic, water-based, chalk

A-Life have sone ideas too...

There is alos Joe Wicks' Body Coach sessions at 9am every weekday... they're lots of fun and once you start them.. its hard to stop!