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Parental Control - support for e-safety

During our e-safety day, these were suggested to us as options to support family internet use. Remember,  there is no app which can replace your vigilance, but these could help. 


Qustodio is a paid service which provides smart filters to help avoid inappropriate content on the internet, screen time schedules or a daily time limit for games and apps and full visibility of your child’s web, social and apps activity across their devices. This is provided via an app and web based management system. 


This free service can block apps, internet use and manage appropriate screen time, set by the parents. 

They also provide printable contracts that you can use with your child to set clear and safe boundaries around internet use. 


Electronic devices are everywhere, and as a parent, managing their use can be a full time job. Screen Limit is another way can help by letting you control the time your children spend online. Please be aware there is a charge for this service, if you would like to use all features. 

There are many other options for these services, these are provided by the school as examples, and are not directly reccomended by us, but through our e-safety advisor.