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Parents' Area

Questions and Queries 

Parents and members of the public can contact the school for questions and queries via our wonderful office staff, headed by Rosie Hergenhan, 


At St. Michael's our parents are a wonderful and valued resource.

We have been lucky enough over the years to have got to know some wonderful families. Some of our staff and parents even came here themselves, and loved it so much, they wanted to come back,  which we think is a great advert for the school!

Check out the PTA tab at the side to see how you can be involved in supporting your child's school.

Check out the PSA tab to find out more about Mrs Cordaro and the things she can do to help parents. From help with co-parenting after family separations to supporting parents with all kinds of courses and everything in between, Mrs Cordaro is a valuable asset to all parents.

Practical Information

Check out the tabs at the side to find out a range of practical information. Helping your child at home, school meals, school trips, uniform - its all there! The 'Aaaargh! What should I do if ...' section covers advice on a range of different circumstances.


Curriculum Maps and Policies

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, there is a tab under the School Information main heading. All policies are kept together in one place. The policies tab is also under the main School Information main heading