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Personal Development

As you are having a half hour singing session today, this Personal Development discussion can be shorter.  As before, think about the questions below and have a chat whoever is at home, maybe during your mealtime, or maybe with a friend on the phone or over Zoom.


'Compassion' is more than feeling sorry for someone. It is more like putting yourself in their place and wanting to help them. 

Jesus showed compassion to the people he helped. He asked the blind men what they wanted and when they said they wanted to be able to see, he made that happen.

Here are some questions to discuss.

1. Which jobs do you think need the people who do them to show compassion? What makes you think that?

2. Try to put yourself 'in the shoes' of a friend or someone in your family.                                                                             What do you think they might be feeling?                                   What positive thing can you do for them?

3. Think of a time when someone has shown compassion to you.    What were you feeling at the time?   What did they do that seemed to be just the right thing to make you feel better?

4. Can you show compassion to someone  if they are happy?

5. Do you think being polite to people is a form of compassion?



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