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Personal Development Discussions

Today you are going to be thinking about how you would like to change the world around you.  It will link in with our RE work on miracles. 
We will be talking about these things in Assembly on Thursday
This is a discussion lesson. If it is difficult to talk to someone at home during the day, perhaps talk to someone at mealtimes or possibly your grown up may allow you to phone a friend.  If not, just jot down some notes.

Here are your topics.

1. Which is your favourite miracle story? 

2. If you could wish for miracles to happen, what would you wish for

a) the world?

b) animals?

c) your family

d) your friends

e) anything else


3. I am still waiting for some jokes!

  • Harry Taylor 7 months ago
    Why did the cow cross the road? Because he wanted to go to the moooooovies
  • lana Sykes 7 months ago
    Why did the jelly baby go back to school? Because it wanted to be a smartie!!!
  • Hollis Hook 7 months ago
    Why is Cinderella so bad at football? Because she keeps on running away from the ball!
  • Jason Christian 7 months ago
    Where did the fish get their money from? From the riverbank!!!
  • Zaria 7 months ago
    Why do elephants have wrinkled skin? Because they don’t iron themselves!
  • Holly Irving 7 months ago
    What did the hat say to the tie? I will go on a head and you can follow after!
  • Hillary and Dominica 7 months ago
    why did the trainers keep on running? Because they wanted to train.Get it get it!!!!!!!!!
  • Iulia hoga 7 months ago
    What did the knife say to th
  • Noah Taylor 7 months ago
    Why are babies good at football? Because they are good at dribbling!

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