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Hey there y'all!

It's a very important day in the United States of America. Today is the Inauguration of the new President of The USA. 

Does anyone know who that is?   Does anyone know the name of the old President?

In The USA, the President is the person in charge of the country. He (and it has always been a man so far) is in charge of the armed forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) and has a lot to do with making new laws.  He is the HEAD OF STATE.

The President is elected by most adults in the USA - they get to choose who becomes President. This is called DEMOCRACY

Today's  questions for you discuss with friends or family are all about democracy - the majority of people choosing what happens. Remember, you could ask if you would be allowed to phone a friend or maybe discuss at mealtimes if there is no one around during school time.

1. Who is the Head of State in the UK  (tip - this person might not be who you expect. They are not elected!)

2. Who, in this country, is the most 'important' person who is elected? 

3. Are there any decisions in your home that are made democratically?  (In my home we vote for which film to watch. I usually lose)

4. Do you think democracy is a good idea?

5. When might it not be a good idea?

6. Do you see democracy happening at school?

7. Where would you like to see democracy happen but it doesn't at the moment?

8. Thanks for the jokes - they are brilliant! If you have more, I would love to see them.

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