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Physical Education

At St Michael's Primary School, our primary intent in PE (Physical Education) lessons is to promote the physical, mental, and social well-being of our children. Our curriculum aims to develop fundamental movement skills, foster a lifelong love for physical activity, and instil values like teamwork, respect, and fair play. It intends to support children in leading active and healthy lifestyles while ensuring that they have a broad and balanced education.

Indoor PE:

  1. Fundamental Skills: Students of all age groups will focus on building fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, hopping, and balancing in a safe and controlled indoor environment. This provides a strong foundation for more complex activities.

  2. Gymnastics: Basic gymnastic activities will be introduced and continued, allowing children to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination, promoting physical development and confidence.

  3. Dance and Fitness: In indoor spaces, students will learn and perform various dance styles, encouraging creativity and self-expression. This will sometimes link to other subjects (e.g. music).

Outdoor PE:

  1. Athletics and Team Games: Children of all age groups will be introduced to running, jumping, and throwing through various activities and games in an outdoor environment. Basic team games like tag, relay races, and various sports will be played to promote cooperation, teamwork, and exposure to a range of physical activities.

  2. Sports and Outdoor Adventure: As students progress, they will engage in a wider range of sports such as football, netball, rugby, cricket, and rounders. This is often split between the subsections of 'Striking & Fielding' and 'Invasion Games'.