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Every class has an RE Special Book that goes with them through the school, full of many things you have done since Reception.  Sadly, Year 3 is looking a little thin as most of you have not been in school since March.  We want to finish our part of the book with some prayers, written by you.

Your task is to write a prayer and bring it to school with you on Thursday for us to stick in the book and hand on to your new teacher.


Your prayer can include 

  • Things you want to ask God for
  • Or to thank him for.
  • It can be about things you have enjoyed at school 
  • Or at home, at any point in Year 3 including Coronavirus shutdown.
  • It could be telling Him what you are  worried about.

Just remember it will be there for everyone to read.  In order to fit them all in, please make sure they are no bigger than  half of an A4 sheet. You can write or type them and decorate them. They also need to be as neat as possible - check your spelling and grammar.




This bit is just for you to do. You do not need to send us this. 

Over the last few months, you and your family may have spent a lot of time together.  Or in some cases you have not been able to see them as much as usual.  We would like you to make a card to tell your parents, grandparents or siblings how great they are.   We have all had to make changes in our lives and it is nice to hear people say thank you or to tell us we have done well.