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Reception Area


The EYFS consists of a highly experienced and enthusiastic team who make it their job to ensure that all children are settled, valued and reach their full potential.

Mrs Hempstock - EYFS Lead/  Class Teacher

Mrs Leybourne and Mrs Betts-Hammond - Class Teachers

Mrs Egan - Reception Nursery Nurse

Mrs Goates and Mrs Grime - Reception TAs

Mrs Priddle - Reception TA  

Mrs Kenny - Relief Reception TA

Mrs Sewell - Reception TA

We are also lucky enough to have an experienced team of LSAs,  Relief staff and Volunteers with early years experience. 

Play is at the heart of everything we do in the EYFS.


This reflects both Characteristics of Learning and the Development Matters Framework, which look at all aspects of children's individual development.  

Intake for Reception is arranged to make  sure that children have a chance to feel fully settled. The arrangements are reviewed each year and information is provided when parents have a place confirmed. 

Children start in the morning on their own class carpet for teacher input and throughout the day, then have access to an integrated shared classroom that includes engaging, exciting activities and resources to encourage both focused and independent exploration.   

We value the indoor and outdoor areas equally and provide a range of opportunities for children to play, learn and develop in all areas of the curriculum. Each term, a curriculum letter is sent home, which outlines our plans and is also uploaded to our website here

Once the children are in full time, Lunch is either a School Meal or Home Packed Lunch, which is eaten in the Dining Hall, integrated with the rest of KS1.  Children have an opportunity then to play with children not in their year group, and this is often the time they get to see older friends and siblings.  Through the day, snacks and water are provided in the classroom. 

In Reception, we pride ourselves on our excellent partnerships with parents.  We communicate at the classroom door every day and use link books to catch up where necessary. Our observation platform, called evidence me, is linked to parents emails and this year parents will be able to see observations in real time. 

We are proud to celebrate all children's achievements and carefully plan for their next steps in learning. These are shared regularly throughout the year at parent's evenings and through our yearly report.  At each point, parents are provided with next steps for their child and day to day, there is always someone available who can help and/or arrange a meeting with a teacher. 

We believe the EYFS is the most fun place to be in the whole school! 

Please see below for the PowerPoints and documents pertaining to Reception Parents' sessions.

For more information/ advice about school policies and procedures, please check the other tabs in the Parent's area, for example the "Aaaargh! What should I do if…" tab.