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Reception Planning w/b 22nd June 2020

Week 2!

Here you will find the planning and resources we are using from the 22nd  June.

It is planning for all of our Bubbles, including the ones at home!

Now the children have been in to school, and have experienced the routines, we feel we have space to open up discussions about other things.

This week we are going to be talking, in an age appropriate way, about identity and diversity. With the events around the world at the moment, we are aware that children may have heard or seen, even in the smallest way, things that may interest or puzzle them. We hope to give the children the space to consider the similarities and differences of themselves and the people around them, and recognise that we are all different, but we all have alot to offer.  

Each week has a PowerPoint, and every day has set activities, so that we are all doing the same thing as much as possible. There are also lots of fun PE games in the 'Social distancing -Twenty Ways to Keep Children Moving Safely' PDF. 

Just the same as last week, If you are in Bubble A (at school Monday and Tuesday), please continue at home on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

If you are in Bubble B (at school Thursday and Friday), please start the week's activities at home, and we'll do the rest at school on Thursday and Friday. 

Keyworker bubble children will be provided with the work on the days that they are in, please give the rest of the work a try when you're at home. 

If you're in your own home bubble, please try out the activities as we go. All the links for resources are linked from the PowerPoint - please don't feel you have to print them if it's not ideal, you can discuss them from a screen, or draw your own examples. Don't forget to keep in touch via evidence me!

As before, Wednesday will be 'Rainbow Day' and we'll be setting a fun activity to do at home, so that we can talk about it when we're back together!

Lots of love, 

Your Reception Team Xxx

Please see resources and planning PowerPoint below