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Reception planning w/b 4th January 2021

Our week will run using the Powerpoint attached below. The file is best on a desktop computer or laptop but still works on mobile devices. There is a PowerPoint app available.

There will be zoom meeting at the beginning of each day so that we can check in. The meeting i.d. will be added each week here and the password will be shared on evidence me. 

Zoom  Green Class Red Class
T 783 1532 3051 728 2783 8066
W 792 6788 8420 787 4805 6582
Th 711 1976 4574 737 0064 7304
F 764 5894 3074 774 0319 3904

To join us, please open zoom and add the meeting i.d. Each class has their own recurring password, which you can find on evidence me. This is to add an extra layer of security to our calls.

Green Class Check ins will be at 9:00, and Red Class will be at 9:30 (Red Class to do their See it, think, it say it at 9:00 before check in, Green class to do it after check in)

Check ins will not be long, but just a fun way to start each day together.  If you can open your Powerpoint  before  the zoom each day, it will give you an idea of that day's theme. 

As time goes on, the format may change, but we will keep you informed.  Please bear with us as we get used to this new way of keeping in touch!

Please go through the Powerpoint with your child during the day so that the children have the same experiences as much as possible. When you open the file it will ask you to enable content, please do this so that videos can be watched straight on the powerpoint. If at any point, these don't work for you, there are independent links to all resources below the iframe. 

There are at least 3 hours of adult planned activities each day, not including lunchtime. We would ask you to also give children some free play time - which is vital at this age.

If you need them, additional ideas for free play can be found at the end of the Powerpoint and additionally on our Reception Pinterest pages, here.

Printables are available on our website for some activities, should you wish to use them, but most activities are planned so that they can be done with resources from your home.

PE activities are at the end of the Powerpoint, so that they can be done when most convenient for you.

Teach your Monster to Read is an excellent free online resource for reading skills...

Also Oxford Owl provide some online reading materials 

Pink level eBooks 

Red Level eBooks 

Books for age 4-5

(Both these sites require you to register, but they are free.)

We love to keep in touch using Evidence me, so please do send us pictures, videos and messages as much as you can. Children’s work can also be shared this way.

Take care,

Your Reception Team

  • Zaneta Ann Duah 2 years ago
    Good morning. We had a bit of problem logging on to the zoom meeting.
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    Lola Townend saying hello!
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    Good morning. Happy new year
  • Yeliz Antoniou 2 years ago
    Alessia enjoyed this morning the work set is fantastic but does need adult guidance, I will find this difficult as I am working from home and have many calls to take and zoom meetings I just do not have the time to help her with a year 5 also having to need my help at times
  • Edward 2 years ago
    Good morning to all my teachers
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    Hello everyone
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    Good morning! Happy Funky Friday!! ♥️🥰
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    Good morning to all my school friends
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    Good morning 😊
  • Tristan 2 years ago
    Hello from Tristan. I miss all my friends and teachers but I am loving the Zoom sessions. Have a lovely weekend 🤗😘

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