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School Clubs

We have a variety of Clubs that run during lunch time and after school. These are run by our school staff as well as external providers. For example, our teaching staff run Year 5-6 Netball and Year 6 Football Clubs, weather and light permitting, during the Spring and Summer terms.


Day Time Year Group Club
Monday 15:30-16:30   Years 1-6 Gymnastics with Jo
  15:45-16:45   Years 2-6 Football with Ultrasport
Tuesday 15:30-16:30  Years 1-3 Street Dance with NLSDA
  15:45-16:45 Years 1-3 Multisports with Ultrasport
Wednesday 15:30-16:30 Years 4-6 Street Dance with NLDSA
  15:45-16:45 Years 1-4 Dance/Drama with Ultrasport
Thursday 15:30-16:30 Years 1-3 Gymnastics with Jo
Friday  15:45-16:45 Years 1-3 Football with Ultrasports


15:45-16:45 Years 2-5 Multisports with Ultrasport