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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service


At St Michael’s we welcome pupils with Special Educational Needs and make every effort to support them. All our classes are fully inclusive and we have high expectations for all our children, including those with SEN. Every child is valued equally and given support according to their needs. By nurturing the whole child and building self-esteem, confidence grows and children acquire the necessary skills to become responsible young people. Working in partnership with parents, all staff encourage children to develop a love of learning, to aspire to achieve their best and support them to succeed. 

Click here to see Enfield's Local Offer

Click here to see the SEND Code of Practice

You can download our Special Educational Needs Information Report and our  SEN Policy by clicking the links below

Links to policies as mentioned in the SEN policy can be found here.

Below is a link to the We Talk Makaton website - take a look to see the sign of the week!

Please look through the attatchments below for social stories supporting children during these changing times...

  1. St Michael's Accessibility Plan 2015-2018 updated May 2018
  2. SEN policy September 2014 updated January 2020
  3. St Michael's single equality policy 2015a (1) review January 2020
  4. SEN Information Report updated January 2020
  5. Routines and Schedule Symbols for Home
  6. Someday-A-Story-of-Hope-for-Children-2
  7. Dave-the-dog-coronavirus-1