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Safeguarding: Office Staff

Our office staff have their part to play in keeping every one safe.  They keep tight control of people entering or leaving the building whether it is to visit or work.

Mrs Borgese ensures that everyone we employ is checked to within an inch of their lives.  The whole process of recruiting staff is controlled by principles called 'Safer Recruitment' and there are lots of rules to follow before anyone can start work.

There are also lots of rules about the contractors and business people that come to the school. Mrs Hergenhan and her crew have to be very vigilant and careful!

Ms Robinson checks that all children are safely in school and follows up when children don't turn up.

Mrs Ahmed looks after the sick and the sickly. She does her best to keep the school bug free by ensuring the 48 hour rule is followed whenever children have tummy upsets. She keeps medicines safe and administers both first aid and TLC when it is needed. 

Mrs Pearson does just about everything. She helps with the sick and the sickly, she helps keep the building safe and fills in whenever anything needs doing.