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Separated Families

Families break up for a variety of reasons; with those breakups can often come heartache and pain for the adults involved. 

However, it is not only the adults that suffer, children can go through a grieving process as well. They  recognise and feel the loss of the physical presence of one parent and the emotional security that comes with both parents' involvement in day to day life. As well as this, children can feel the loss of the future they imagined that they would have. 

It is possible, though, for parents to work with each other to support their child through this process ... even when feelings are strong and the future looks difficult. Our PSA, Mrs Cordaro can support families in ensuring that children have the best possible outcomes in these situations.

Co-Parenting Sessions

Mrs Cordaro is happy to work with parents in agreeing practical and emotion free routines, boundaries and communication routes that will enable children to have fulfilling and constructive relationships with both parents. She will work with parents to plan and review arrangements until a system is running smoothly. 

Rights and Responsibilities

Mrs Cordaro can advise /  find the right advice  / signpost  parents to advice about their parental responsibilities and rights. Children deserve a relationship with each parent if it is at all possible.

Communication with / from the School


Non-resident parents are entitled to a copy of children's school reports. In order to receive this, they must register their address with Mrs Cordaro who will make sure a copy is posted out.

Non resident parents are also entitled to phone the school for information and advice and, if necessary, see the class teacher after school.

Parents' Evenings

So that both parents can be equally informed about children's progress, we do expect separated parents to attend Parents' Evenings together. This means that both parents hear the same thing and there is no room for different interpretations. Where parents might find joint attendance to be emotionally difficult, Mrs Cordaro will attend appointments with both parents to help both get what they need from the session.

We do not offer different sessions for separated parents unless there is a court order banning one party from contact with the child and/or the other parent. Our concern is, and always will be, the child's well being and development.