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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service

Summer Week 1 commencing 20th April

Below is a suggested timetable for Maths and English and a number of ideas for a South American project.

If anything below confuses you, BBC are also running lessons:


For those of you that have been following our suggested timetable, please use the attachment at the bottom of this page which follows the timetable below (and links to the text 'Wonder'):

Those of you who haven't started Wonder, fear not! The first set of questions can still be found (along with other possible options) on the English tab of the Year 5 working from home section. Only 50 pages of reading have been suggested (and it's a great book!)


As stated in the Maths tab, our recommendation is for you to follow the White Rose timetable which can be found at the link , the lesson target for each day is shown below:

If you are struggling to access or complete this, there are numerous other suggestions for Maths on the separate Maths tab. Or you could try to learn the skills above in a different way. The link above will eventually work but you may need to refresh a couple of times.

UPDATE - I had an email in about Q7 on Tuesday's lesson. It is a difficult question so for those of you wanting to know how to solve it I have attached a sheet with guidance on at the bottom of this page - hope it helps, well done if you got it!

Other - Try a project from the separate projects tab.

  1. Summer 1 WC 20th April Wonder questions and tasks
  2. White Rose Summer Block 1 answer for Q7 lesson 2