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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

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Summer Week 2 (commencing 27th April)

As with last week, below is a suggested timetable for Maths and English.

Project ideas have now been moved to a separate tab. 


For those of you that have been following our suggested timetable, please use the attachment at the bottom of this page which follows the timetable below (and links to the text 'Wonder'): 

Apologies this is a day late, we're still getting used to some technical issues - Monday and Tuesday's lessons are both quite short so you can probably combine them and do them both today! When you have completed the writing on Friday please send it in to us using our Year 5 email address:

Want something different? Try a lesson from BBC

The 23rd April lesson will give you a recap on expanded noun phrases, whilst their 27th April lesson covers punctuation and inverted commas.


As stated in the Maths tab (and started last week), our recommendation is for you to follow the White Rose timetable whichcan be found at the link , the lesson target for each day is shown below:

If you are struggling to access or complete this, there are numerous other suggestions for Maths on the separate Maths tab. Or you could try to learn the skills above in a different way. 

Well done to everyone who managed question 7 from last Tuesday work, I wonder what will be the main challenge this week?

Project ideas have been moved to a separate projects tab - please choose any of them or continue your one from last week.

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