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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service

Summer Week 3 (commencing 4th May)

As with last week, below is a suggested timetable for Maths and English.

Project ideas have now been moved to a separate tab. Although we will suggest some work based around the 75th anniversary of VE day (which is on the 8th May).


We are pausing wonder for a week and instead suggesting some activities based around VE day, to begin with open the pdf titled 'History VE Day Lessons' found as an attachment below. As well as English work there are a number of other activities that could be done to mark the occasion. 

Want something a bit more structured? Try the lessons on BBC


As stated in the Maths tab, our recommendation is for you to follow the White Rose timetable which can be found at the link , the lesson target for each day is shown below: Answers / explanations for Q7/8 on Wednesday (which were quite challenging) have been attached below.

 Don't worry if you have lots of MyMaths outstanding, we set about 50 tasks at once and don't expect you to have done all of them!

We will be checking to see who has done some TT rockstars though!

If you are struggling to access or complete this, there are numerous other suggestions for Maths on the separate Maths tab. Or you could try to learn the skills above in a different way. 

  1. History VE Day Lessons
  2. History VE Day The basics
  3. History VE Day Information Presentation
  4. History ve-day-at-home-pack
  5. History instructions on how to make own bunting
  6. History plain bunting template
  7. Divide with remainders q7 and q8