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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

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Summer Week 5 Biomes (commencing 18th May)

UPDATE - It has been brought to our attenetion that some of the resources (e.g. activated charcoal / spanish moss) 'required' to make the rainforest biome are not everyday household items. Please do not feel the need to buy anything. The activated charcoal acts as a natural water filter but is far from vital, children could always create the biome and then add the charcoal to it when they return to school. In terms of 'spanish moss' I believe children last year just used mossy grass. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns about the work set you can email us at 

This week we are suggesting a project based week on the subject of 'biomes'. You can follow the timetable below and use the attachments on the bottom of this page which have been numbered and ordered.

Alternatively, 'standard' lessons for English and Maths can be found on BBC bitesize:

  1. 1a Intro to Biomes
  2. 1a Map Activity
  3. 1b MATHS Activity
  4. 1b MATHS Interpret climate graphs uk
  5. 2a Rainforest Biome
  6. 2b Rainforest Information
  7. 2c MATHS Climate Graphs Notice Wonder
  8. 2d MATHS Climate Graphs
  9. 2e Making a rainforest biome
  10. 3a THE TASKS Research Poster Present
  11. 3b Info on remaining 5 biomes
  12. 3c Deciduous forest information
  13. 3c Desert information
  14. 3c Rainforest information
  15. 3c Tiaga information
  16. 3c Tropical Savanna information
  17. 3c Tundra information
  18. 4 Presentation Response and notes sheet
  19. 0 Timetable Plan for week