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The Great Indoors

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Be Creative and Be Curious... why not:

·      Learn a musical instrument

·      Read a whole book series

·      Learn to meditate

·      Learn yoga

·      Teach a sibling or parent something new

·      Learn to bake

·      Learn to cook (breakfast, lunch and dinner and different courses)

·      Learn to tie your laces

·      Build an exercise programme

·      Follow Joe Wicks’ classes on You Tube (9am every weekday)

·      Design and make a healthy menu

·      Read 25 books and record which ones you read

·      Keep a Diary of now egwhat it like to not be in school, when you are supposed to be!

·      Learn sign language

·      Start a Scrap Book or Art Book

·      Learn a foreign language

·      Learn how to make three different paper planes

·      Read a book, then carry it on into another Chapter

·      Try to overcome a fear (eg spiders)

·      Learn a new sport and the rules how to play

·      Write a book with different adventures starring your Super Hero

·      Make a recipe book of your favourite meals

(Brilliant ideas for Year 3, by 3FH on Friday 20th March)