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Trips and visits

 Trips and Visits are an important part of our curriculum. We are so lucky to be so close to Hilly Fields and all its nature and natural history. Enfield town is just a short walk away and, of course, we have excellent transport links in the form of local buses and Gordon Hill station. On entry to the school, parents are asked to give blanket permission for their children to be involved in local walking trips. When trips are further afield, parents will be asked for permission for their child to travel by coach, bus or train. When transport costs or entry fees are involved, parent s will be asked to contribute to the cost of the trip as well as give permission for their child to take part.

We want all children to be able to take part in these valuable experiences and if there are reasons why a parent may not be able to meet the full contribution, please speak, in confidence, to the trip organiser  or, if preferred, the  Office Manager

 Recent trips have included:

  • Hunting for mini beasts at Hilly Fields
  • The Tudor Experience at Kentwell Hall
  • Walking to Holthwhites Bakery for Hot Cross Buns
  • Travelling by bus to Southgate Synagogue and Ponders End Mosque
  • Being ‘evacuated’ from Gordon Hill Station
  • The Science Museum
  • Theatres
  • Forty Hall
  • Geography field work at Hilly Fields and much, much more!

Volunteer Helpers

Occasionally, additional adults are required to accompany trips. On these occasions teachers will ask for volunteers. If, as often happens in the Infants and EYFS, there are more offers than needed, most teachers will pick names out of a hat. If, as often happens with the older children, there are not enough offers, teachers will come begging!

Residential Trips

As any parent of a Scout or Brownie will know, residential trips do wonders for a child’s confidence, resilience and independence.

At St. Michael’s we aim to build up confidence through residential trips:

In Year Two, children have a ‘day camp’ and then ‘sleepover’ in school for a night.

In Year Four, they have two nights and three days camping at Cuffley,

In Year Five, many have the experience of going across the channel for an extra ‘long day trip to France.

In Year Six they spend a week doing Outdoor and Adventurous Activities ata residential centre.