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VE day 75th Anniversary -8th May


About VE Day

On the morning of 8 May 1945, a national holiday for ‘Victory in Europe Day’ was declared in Britain. Churchill had gained assurances from the Ministry of Food that there were enough supplies in the capital and the Board of Trade announced that people could purchase red, white and blue bunting without using ration coupons. Street parties were held across Britain with bunting lining the streets.

(Bletchley Park Website)

Over the next week or so, there are a few celebration days. Lots of planning is available for each of these days, and you may want to do things in the days leading up to and after them. The planning is on the tabs attached to this page.  As always, there are lots of additional activities on our Pinterest, and on the other Reception pages. 

Celebration days are a great time for you to talk about special days for your friends and families that you have experienced in the past, or things you have to look forward to in the future. Many people have had birthdays while on lockdown, maybe you could talk about how they would have fun on special days when they can't meet up.