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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service

Week Commencing 27th April

I can't believe we're nearly in May. Thanks to everyone who's sent in their letters to the penguins, their art challenge pictures or anything else. Here's your activities for this week. Maths is more on angles. This week's English involves learning about the subjunctive using poetry. It's easier than it sounds - honest! Just google the song 'If I were a rich man'. Without the subjunctive it would be called 'If I was a rich man'. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your history projects. Remember they can be about anyone (or anything) you like and in whatever format you like. There are some suggestions on the Weekly Activities document.


Have fun and Stay Safe

The Year 6 Team

  1. English Day 2
  2. English Day 3
  3. English Day 4
  4. English Day 5
  5. Maths 1 Quadrilaterals
  6. Maths 1 Answers
  7. Maths 2 Polygons
  8. English Day 1
  9. Maths 2 Answers
  10. Maths 3 Problem Solving
  11. Maths 4 Answers
  12. Maths 4 Problem Solving
  13. Subjunctive Powerpoint with audio
  14. Year 6 Working from home Week 3