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Week beginning 22nd June


Hello everyone - or should I say  

     こんにちは   Konnichiwa!  


This week, as part of our Olympic studies, we are looking at Japan in both our English and Topic work. We know that you studied Japan when you were in Year 2  so this week you will be able to build on what you found out last year.

We have chosen Japan as the place to study because the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics were supposed to take place there but they have been postponed until next year because of the Coronavirus.

Our Geography topic involves researching all sorts of aspects of the Geography of Japan.

In English on Monday we will be writing a Haiku, a special type of Japanese poem. Don’t worry – it will all be in English!  For the rest of the week you will be using your Geography research to make a PowerPoint or leaflet about Japan. We have given you guidance on what to include and how to structure it.

In Maths use BBC Bitesize (found here and also the Oak National Academy's resources (found here

Don’t forget Mrs Hillier’s weekly quiz .

Enjoy your work this week.