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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service

Week beginning 4th May

Hi Lovely Year 1 children and parents.

The Year 1 team hope you are all safe and well.

This week we have reduced the Phonics Play time to 15 minutes, and would like the children to spend 5 minutes a day practising their cursive handwriting.  Uploaded below is a pack you could use if you want to.  You do not need to print this off.  It is just there as a guide.  Of course, instead of using this resource, the children could just practise handwriting by copying from a book or magazine.  However, don't forget ascenders and descenders and washing line joins!

To finish off the plant project there is a comprehension based on the lifecycle of the sunflower.  It has been uploaded below and further instructions are on the timetable.  As it's a bank holiday for VE Day on Friday, we have not set any work for that day.  However, if children wish they can carry on with the White Rose Maths, Phonics Play and Hit the Button.  For Thursday, we have set up some work surrounding VE Day and further details are on the timetable.  For Friday we would like the children to design a medal.  Again, check out the timetable.

We will also be having another ring round this week, so if you receive a call from a witheld number, it might just be one of us!

Stay safe and well.

The Year 1 Team

  1. Sunflower life cycle comprehension
  2. Handwriting practise
  3. Home Learning Timetable w.c. 04.05.20