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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service

Week commencing 20th April

Hi Year 6!

It seems that your penguins are feeling a little grey. Please write them a letter to cheer them up. Tell them what you've been getting up to during lock-down, what you're looking forward to or anything else that you'd like to speak to them about.

Think back to your Private Peaceful letters for how to structure your letter. How formal should it be? How will you start it? What will you include in each paragraph? How will you finish it?

You could also try to include some of the grammatical features we've learnt, such as conjunctions, adverbials of time and place (Last week...   Near the river...), modal verbs and maybe past perfect tense (I have baked...) or passive voice.

Please email them to and we'll make sure they get them! 

We've also got some English work based on 'The Highwayman' poem. If you put the powerpoints on Slideshow then there's audio for you to listen to. 

We've a cute maths week, all about working out angles (a cute / acute - get it? Don't be so obtuse! Oh, never mind! Yes, I do know they're rubbish, very old jokes - I can't help it, it's just a reflex. Ok, I promise I'll stop now!)

There's also a great art work for you to try, a competition (and you get to watch a film) and some history. I think that should be enough for now...

Work hard, have fun and stay safe,

The Year 6 Team

p.s. Remember to send any photos to so we can put them on the website. If there's anything else you would like us to look at, please email that too.

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  10. Highwayman Performance
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