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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service


Hello everyone!

These are tricky times and it can be quite difficult to keep a positive mindset. However, it's at times like these when we really need to focus on our wellbeing and looking after our mental, as well as physical,  health.

Often, lots of positives emerge when we least expect it. We are finding new ways of staying in touch and have even rediscovered the joy of sitting down to eat together, as a family.

Who knows, parents might even become experts on the Playstation or XBox and children might learn to love the old, family board games. So, if nothing else, do try to keep up '3 good things' (see attachment) because they will have happened throughout the day and it's good to remember what they are. Do also limit news-watching - we want to know what's going on and make sure we do the right thing - but we don't want to drown in statistics and views from around the World.

Why not try some of these?

For All Children - Box Breathing Calming Technique -

For Key Stage 2 Children - Managing anxiety, stress and worries -
For All Children and Parent/carers - Relaxation Tips
For All Children and Parent/carers - 5 Things to Calm Down Technique - 

Parent/carer Version


For specific advice, if things get tough, have a look at the following websites.

Take good care of yourself!

Mrs Rolland, Mrs Underwood, Mrs Gardiner and Mrs Cordaro


  1. Mental Wellbeing Tips
  2. NL - Covid 19 - Wellbeing support 2.2
  3. 3 good things (1)
  4. NL - Staying Home 2.2
  5. NL - Going School 2.3 (1)
  6. swap-printable-wellbeing-journal
  7. Support for parents - Version 2.4
  8. Supporting Primary-aged Children - Version 2.4 (1)
  9. power-of-kindness-calendar-my-kind-acts
  10. power-of-kindness-calendar-blank-calendar
  11. Kindness-activities