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Working from Home

In these strange times, we have all been on a steep learning curve. We had the first lockdown and then another one. We have had times when everyone has been at school, we have had times when some of us have had to be at home and then there was the time that nearly all the teachers had to stay home!  Each day over the last two years, we have learned more about how we can support each other and those around us in our St Michael's family and the wider community.

Teachers have been working hard to put together a range of resources for each year group throughout lockdown and just in case some of us need to be isolated in the future. Most classwork will be set on Google Classrooms. Remember though... classwork is just a very small part of your education. Just because you might not be able to be in school for a time, it doesn't mean that your education needs to stop. Be flexible - look around you at what can be learned within your own environment. Being at home is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn new and exciting skills, e.g:

  • Sewing, knitting, cooking, baking, gardening, helping with household chores.
  • Learning to play a musical instrument (it could be singing or playing the spoons!)
  • Writing a daily journal about what you do and what's going on around you - you can keep this and share it with your future children and grandchildren - maybe illustrate it too!
  • Read, read, read and read some more.
  • Play board games; do a jigsaw; play card games.
  • Create your own piece of art. Take a photo and we will find a way to create our very own St Michael's Art Gallery.
  • Mindfulness: there are lots of websites and videos out there for this.
  • Keep fit: there are videos attached within each year group. 

Good news! Literacy Toolbox (otherwise known as Eddie Carron) can now be accessed at home to support Reading and Comprehension. Enjoy! (Not compatible with tablets)


The St Michael's Teacher's public Youtube Channel is here... Why don't you check it out to see if anything new has been uploaded?