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Working from Home

If oyu are not able to come to school for any reason, here are some activities you can be getting on with. We will also email your parents some more specific activities linked to what we are doing in school.


TT Rockstars: Continue to practise your timestables 15 minutes everyday.

Mymaths: Keep checking Mymaths as we will set you some activities.

Arithemtic: Complete 4 of the fluent in five questions each day (see attachment below). This should take your around five minutes.


Spellings: The year 3/4 spellings are in your planner. Pick one/two words you don’t know and practise them everyday 10 mins. Check out the ideas for practising spellings below.

There are also some online games on this website:

Comprehension: We have set up you up with an account at Literacy Toolbox ( Your log in is your first and last name. You should complete the comprehension activities daily.

Reading: Continue to read any book of your choice everyday for 15 mins

Writing: Write some sentences using the conjunctions on the word mat below. You can write about anything you like you should spend around 20 mins doing this