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Worries and Problems

For Children

If you have a concern or problem while you are at school,  please try to talk to an adult  about it.

The best thing is for you to talk to one of the adults in your class,  but we are all here to help you,  so if your Teacher or TA is not around, you can talk to someone else.  

If you're not comfortable to talk straight away, you can choose to put a slip in the 'Time to Talk' box on the table opposite the office, and someone will make an appointment to chat with you.  (You do need to remember that this may not be instantly, so if something is urgent,  please try to talk to an adult you trust.)

If there is something that you think is a whole school issue,  you can put a note in your class School Council suggestion box.

Of course, if something is still bothering you after you've tried to sort it out,  you can always choose to talk to your family and they will come to us for help. 

They can find out what to do here.