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Collective worship has a high profile within our school with all children taking part in an age appropriate Act of Christian Worship every day. The daily act of all adults and children coming together to worship is central to the school day. Our collective worship is always distinctly Christian in nature but there is also freedom within both prayer times and reflection times for both children and adults to worship in their own ways. Indeed, children of other faiths are confident to contribute information when they recognise similarities in morals, stories and traditions.

The whole school comes together twice a week and twice a week, children worship with children of their own age. Foundation Stage children have ‘Thinking Time’ which is time for quiet reflection and either a Biblical or moral story. Each week there is a musical praise assembly. Our children enjoy assemblies, which mix fun, stories and quiet times for reflection.

In addition to this, children follow a routine of prayer during the day with a prayer at lunchtime and again at the end of the day.  Classes choose their favourite prayers and each classroom has a prayer area where the class ‘Special Book’, Bible and RE books are kept as well as candles that provide a focus for times of reflection. Children are encouraged to view their RE work as a gift to God.

Our Worship Policy takes into account the 1944 and 1988 Education Acts and the requirements of our trust deed that “worship should be in accordance with the tenets of the Church of England”.