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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service

Year Three

Mental Health & Well-being Survey

We would love to find out some of the things you have been particularly enjoyed doing during lockdown and also what you are looking forward to doing when you return to School.

As a School we are really keen to help you return in September happy, confident and safe in the knowledge that your Mental Well-being is at the top of our priority list. We would like you therefore to also tell us if you have any worries about returning to School - this is really important for us to know!

Please find time to complete the Survey following the link here

Every Survey completed will be really useful!


Mr Floyd and the Healthy School Curriculum Team



We hope you are all well, making the most of your time at home and able to a variety of things with family (like baking, cycling, walking, running, building, drawing, making or photographing).

We've been so impressed with all the Project work you have been sending in - we even sent a letter that Sophie wrote to Florence Nightingale, to her Museum - and got this reply from Melissa Chatton at the Museum:

Greetings – thank you for sharing this wonderful message, it brightened my day immensely! 

It's wonderful to hear of the project you set for your pupils and I can tell that Sophie learned a great deal through this project even through to setting up her own hospital - and who knows, she may well be inspired to follow in Nightingale's footsteps on day! Thank you so much for sharing.  We hope that your school will be able to come visit us at the Museum to visit Miss Nightingale herself or have her come to your school directly to teach the children about her life. 

We've now launched our Olympics Project - look out for all the details week-by-week, on a separate page


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