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Young Leaders Clubs

At St. Michael's, we are very lucky to have such a dedicated and talented bunch of children. They have great ideas and want to do something positive for their peers. Every term, a new set of Young Leaders Lunchtime Clubs starts up. In the past, children have organised and led musical theatre, origami, slime-making, cartoon, drawing, comic, dance, running and creative writing clubs... there has even been a comedy club!

If you have a talent or interest that you would like to share with others, follow the instructions below.

Think carefully about your idea and test it out by talking with your friends

Consider the following:

Who will be the club leaders - you will need two leaders.

Remember, leaders are there to serve others not to boss them around.

Leaders are responsible for the health, safety and behaviour of everyone in their group.  Sometimes that can be quite a responsibility and some people find that hard to accept.

How will you organise the sessions?

Where will the club take place?

Who will provide the resources, music, table coverings, equipment etc?

What time will the club run? - remember:  you need to take into account different lunchtimes and allow time for setting up and tidying up

How many children can come to the club and what age can they be?

How will you ensure that everyone remains safe whilst at your club?

What rules will you need to have? How will you make those rules clear?

How will you manage any bad behaviour?

If you have considered all these things and you think you have what it takes to run a club, then you need to create a written proposal and make an appointment to see Miss Matthews. Miss Matthews will talk it through with you. If she thinks you have a good plan, then you will be given permission to run your club.

Then, all that remains is for you to advertise, gather members, collect lunchtime passes and enjoy your club!