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Our Staff

Thank you for the gift of good teachers and staff.

Thank You for those willing to take on the responsibility of shaping the next generation.

Grant them strength and courage to face what lies ahead.

When the days are long and the challenges seem great, grant them peace.

When things go smoothly, let them see Your guiding hand and give You thanks.

Mrs Bacon Headteacher Miss McGunnigle Deputy Head

     Miss Khimasia             Assistant Head        Yr2 Class Teacher

   Mrs Ayres    SENCO

 Mrs Hergenhan    SBM

Father Stephen Taylor            Vicar               



      Mrs Pearson      Office Staff       Miss Fuller      Office Staff

Mrs Borgese        Office Staff      

  Mrs Ahmed     Welfare Officer     Mrs Cordaro       PSA/DSL

       Mrs Mayho           Class Teacher/DSL

Mr Johnson Premises Manager

       Mrs Lazarou         Site Staff 

        Mr Uribarri             Spanish Teacher     

      Mr Brown       Yr6  Class Teacher        Mr Smith      Yr6 Class Teacher

  Mrs Nugent    Support Staff

     Mrs Morgan      Class Teacher  Mrs Cakmakyurdu Support Staff

       Mrs Goddard               Phase Leader     Yr5 Class Teacher

Ms John    Curriculum Lead   Yr5 Class Teacher Mrs Bicknell Support Staff

   Mrs Linsell     Support Staff

     Miss Polyzou    Yr4 Class Teacher

    Mrs Bachelor    Yr4 Class Teacher

    Mrs Jones    Support Staff

    Mrs Gilligan      Senior HLTA     Mrs Murphy      Yr3 Class Teacher

       Mr Morgan        Yr3 Class Teacher

     Mrs Jacovou      Yr3 Class Teacher Mrs Brooks  Support Staff

   Mrs Baker      Support Staff

     Ms Kaneva       Yr2 Class Teacher Mrs Theodorou Support Staff Breakfast Club Manager

   Miss Jackson    Support Staff

   Mr McCann    Support Staff       Miss Davis          Yr1 Class Teacher

Mrs Hempstock   Phase Leader and  Yr1 Class Teacher

Mrs Gillibrand Support Staff Mrs Doswell Support Staff

Mrs Shea-Stanard Support Staff

Miss Sewell   Support Staff   Mrs Coles    Support Staff

       Miss O'Brien        Reception Class Teacher

        Miss Smith         Reception Class Teacher  Mrs Egan     Support Staff

   Mrs Newbury  Support Staff

  Mrs Priddle    Support Staff Mrs Betts-Hammond       Phase Leader and Nursery Class Teacher 

        Mrs Kenny        Support Staff

Miss Pearson Support Staff Miss Dantas Support Staff

        Miss Rama        Support Staff

Mrs Reader    Support Staff      Miss Griffin     Class Teacher

       Mr Barnardo             Music Teacher     

Miss Mills  Playleader Mrs Martinez Playleader and Breakfast Club

Mrs Davey-Nelson Playleader