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a) Homework

Where possible the homework for each week will be posted here.

Generally there will be Maths and English homework set each week, due the following Thursday. Additionally, children are expected to read daily and write a couple of comments about their book each week in their planners. To improve their fluency, children must also complete 5-10 minutes of TTRockstars at least once per week.


Homework set 26/11/2020 Due 3/12/2020

  • Maths - MyMaths 2 activities on short multiplication. (This was covered in Year 4 but if you are finding it difficult wait until Monday as we will be recapping it in school).
  • Maths - TT Rockstars. Each student must attain at least 100 points in this week's battle of the bands.
  • English - Percy Jackson Comprehension on Chapter 9